Chef Burak sells car to fund new restaurant after father’s fraud

Renowned Turkish chef, Burak Ozdemir, widely known as CZN Burak, has recently faced a challenging decision. In response to the financial challenges brought on by his legal battle against his father and the pursuit of his new restaurant venture in Istanbul, he made the difficult choice to sell his car to secure the necessary funds.

Despite the obstacles, Burak remains resolute in moving forward with his restaurant plans, while also issuing a warning to the public about supporting those who have unlawfully exploited his name and image.

Clarifying the details of his culinary establishments, Burak emphasized that the only restaurant branch he has in Istanbul is CZN Burak VadIstanbul Mall, with an upcoming opening date to be announced. He stressed that there are no other branches in Istanbul, though they do have establishments in Dubai, Qatar, and Tajikistan.

The legal dispute between Burak and his father stems from his attempt to provide assistance to victims of a devastating earthquake in Turkey last February. His father’s intervention, however, led to obstacles in his charitable efforts and resulted in a strained relationship, as reported by local media.

Further investigation revealed that Burak’s father had sold the rights to his name to a foreign businessman who opened a restaurant in Istanbul, unrelated to Burak’s well-established chain of restaurants. Seeking justice for this fraudulent act, Burak filed a lawsuit against his father, with the first court hearing scheduled for September.

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