Celebrities who refused to perform at King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles III’s coronation will take place on Saturday, and many celebrities were asked to perform, but they refused to do so. 

The coronation is set to be a major three-day event, and many are surprised that A-list singers have declined invitations to perform for it.

Here are the stars who declined to sing during King Charles’ coronation weekend.

1. Adele 

Per Rolling Stone, Adele won’t be performing at the coronation, and the reason is unclear.

2. The Spice Girls

According to Rolling Stone, The Spice Girls denied their opportunity to perform and reunite as a girl band.

3. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams also denied the invitation to perform at the coronation, and per Rolling Stone, the singer’s team did not share any details regarding his refusal.

4. Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John was famously very close to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II, and the legendary singer performed at the luncheon following Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s wedding in 2018.

John denied the coronation invitation due to a scheduling conflict.

5. Harry Styles

It is unknown why Harry Styles refused to perform, but it is worth mentioning that he also passed on performing at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Performing at the coronation will be Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

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