Burcu Esmersoy marries Nazım Akmandil in Italy (pictures)

Turkish anchorwoman Burcu Esmersoy, 46, has married Turkish businessman Nazım Akmandil after 1.5 years of dating.

The Turkish couple have held their wedding in Portofino, Italy, last night.

It was seen that the couple could not hold back their tears in the wedding.

Burcu Esmersoy wore two wedding dresses signed by Özgür Masur İstanbul, a haute couture fashion house based in Istanbul, Türkiye, and followers on social media loved the appearances.

Burcu Esmersoy evlendi

“I knew we would get married from the first day”

Previously, Burcu Esmersoy said: “I knew we would get married since the first day I met Nazım in Bodrum. I will wear five wedding dresses. A wedding dress is a very beautiful thing. I think people should wear it as much as they can.

I will wear a wedding dress signed by Özgür Masur. I have not made any mistakes in the wedding dresses I have worn so far. I don’t think I will this time.

My designer will have a nice surprise for me for the after party. We will have a wedding in Italy between 1-3 September with our family and close friends. Since we have a lot of friends, there will be weddings in Istanbul and Bodrum as well. We will get married in Italy where I received the marriage proposal.”

Burcu Esmersoy evlendi düğün elbisesi wedding dress

Who is Nazım Akmandil?

Nazım Akmandil is 30 years old. His father is Hüseyin Akmandil, his mother is Nesli Akmandil and his sister is Nur Akmandil.

Nazım Akmandil is known as a games software developer on mobile phones.

He founded a company with his friend as a partner, and named it “Good Job Games”.

The mobile phone of the company owned by Akmandil game is claimed to be one of the leading companies of applications.

Özgür Masur'un tasarladığı Burcu Esmersoy gelinliğiBurcu Esmersoy kimdirNazım Akmandil kimdir?

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