Bride marries fiancé’s father after groom Disappears on wedding day

The young woman, known only as SA according to Indonesian media, had been preparing for her wedding day with anticipation and excitement. Hailing from the village of Jikotamo in South Halmahera, SA was in a long-term relationship with her groom, and August 29th was to be the day they’d cherish forever. However, fate had other plans.

As the guests gathered and the venue sparkled with preparations, the unthinkable happened. The groom, for reasons known only to him, fled the scene, leaving SA to break the devastating news to the attendees: the wedding had been canceled.

Her brother, in recounting the event to reporters, explained the sudden turn of events. “The guests had already arrived for the wedding,” he said, “and then the groom’s family informed us that their son was missing and couldn’t be found.”

In a twist that no one could have foreseen, the groom’s father stepped in to marry SA, ensuring that the costly event would not be canceled.

The bride’s family, it seemed, faced not only the humiliation of the groom’s disappearance but also the financial weight of wedding preparations that had already been undertaken.

An estimated 25 million rupiahs (about 1,700 USD) had been invested in the celebration, making the cancellation of the event financially unfeasible.

Reactions to this extraordinary wedding story were diverse on Indonesian social media. Some individuals found humor in the situation, imagining the groom’s perspective, with one person humorously suggesting, “My dad’s wife used to be my ex-girlfriend.”

Others, however, empathized with the young bride’s predicament, expressing concern that she might be “trapped” in an unwanted marriage for the rest of her life.

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