Bradley cooper slammed for prosthetic nose

Bradley Cooper sparks controversy after wearing a prosthetic nose in a new movie. 

Bradley Cooper is currently working on his upcoming Netflix film, a biopic about famous composer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein. And for the movie, Cooper wore a prosthetic nose to look more like Bernstein.

The movie, titled Maestro stars Cooper as Leonard Bernstein, and is directed and co-written by Cooper himself, the plot tells the story of the composer and his tumultuous 25-year marriage with actor Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, played by Carey Mulligan.

Bradley Cooper

After Cooper was seen wearing a prosthetic nose in the teaser trailer of the film, and was instantly criticized claiming the actor was playing to ‘Jewface’ stereotypes with the exaggerated facial feature and the casting of a non-Jewish actor in a Jewish role.

Jewface is when a non-Jew portrays a Jew, often with makeup or changing of features, and adding a big fake nose.

Twitter users noticed the size of the prosthetic nose as fans stated that Bernstein’s nose was not close to that size.

One wrote: “It seems completely unnecessary to have gone in that direction given the uncanny resemblance,” while another wrote: “The real Leonard Bernstein did not have the funny nose that Bradley Cooper is wearing in Maestro.”

”there was no need for Bradley Cooper to add an odd prosthetic nose on top of this to play Leonard Bernstein,” a user penned.

Comments on Twitter stated that Cooper’s appearance was both offensive and unnecessary to the actual storytelling process in the film.

Maestro is set to arrive in theaters and on Netflix on December 20.

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