Before and after pictures of destruction after floods in Libya

 The devastating impact of the floods and torrential rains that struck the city of Derna in eastern Libya is vividly depicted in satellite images captured before and after the calamity. 

These images reveal the sheer magnitude of the destruction that has befallen the city, resulting in the obliteration of at least a quarter of its infrastructure and neighborhoods.


The American company Planet Labs played a crucial role in shedding light on the extent of this catastrophe. Through their satellite technology, they provided a striking visual narrative of the disaster.

By comparing images taken before and after the storm, a stark transformation becomes evident.



With 10,000 people still reported as missing, the death toll has tragically surpassed 6,500 in the city of Derna alone. The aftermath of Storm Daniel has unleashed a wave of devastation that has not only claimed numerous lives but has also left thousands of Libyans in a state of profound shock and overwhelming sadness.

This natural disaster has had far-reaching and devastating consequences, affecting not just Derna but also several other cities across Libya, all grappling with the catastrophic aftermath of this unprecedented storm.


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