Alligators devours Australian man on hunting trip

Australian police found the remains of a citizen inside the stomach of two alligators, few days after being reported missing while hunting.

Kevin Darmody, 65, had gone hunting in north Queensland on Saturday with locals, the last time he had been seen.

The police said that a group of hunters encountered a crocodile that intercepted their trip, and later, they heard a very loud scream and a distress call.

Australian media outlets said the hunters shot the two alligators, several meters long, at the scene of the uproar, aiming to rescue the man, but it was too late.

After extracting the two crocodiles from the water, the remains of the man were found inside them. They have cut and swallowed him.

The Australian authorities said that the area where the accident occurred is “dangerous”, due to the large number of alligators present in it. It is described as the land of alligators.

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