Dinosaur remains found in Morocco

Even long after their death, dinosaur remains continue to be found, and this time some were found in Morocco.

A team of scientists has found the remains of dinosaurs that died out 66 million years ago in Morocco.

According to Moroccan and foreign scientists, the dinosaur family belongs to the meat-eating “Terx”, which is the fiercest and deadliest dinosaur known to the planet.

Palaeontologist at the British University of Bath, Nick Longrich, stated in a post on the X” website, that the discovered dinosaur remains are that of the “T-rex” breed, and that they are the fifth type recorded by fossil discoveries in Morocco.

Dinosaur remains


And that they are most exciting, as these dinosaur remains will open the door to access to more important scientific information about the Jurassic period in the African continent, which witnessed the extinction of the largest creatures on Earth

The study published in the journal Cretaceous Research, which provides research on the fossils of the Cretaceous period, said that two fossils that were found during a scientific exploration process in areas adjacent to the Moroccan city of El Jadida on the Atlantic coast. The first fossil is the leg of an animal with a length of two and a half meters, and the second fossil is a lower leg bone belonging to a huge predator with a length of 5 meters.

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