Alec Baldwin refuses to condemn Israel

American Hollywood star and comedian Alec Baldwin was seen getting into a heated argument with pro-Palestinian protests in New York City amid the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza since Oct. 7, 2023.

The actor got into a heated argument specifically in a pro-Palestine Manhatten rally where a video was taken showing him shouting violently before getting escorted away by the NYPD.

Alec Baldwin was heard telling the protestors to “shut the f*** up” after one of the protestors asked him if he supported Israel.

Alec added:

“Because I’m in Hollywood? You ask stupid questions, ask me smarter questions” which escalated quickly as the pair started yelling at each other before the police excited Baldwin away as mentioned above.

Alec Baldwin refuses to condemn Israel and squares up to Pro-Palestine protestors

The video went viral on multiple social media outlets, especially X (formerly known as Twitter) since Alec is currently trending on it by the time of writing this article with people stating their opinion on the matter:

“Why would a murderer condemn other murderers?”

“So many celebrities are dead to me now.”

“lol his tough guy act doesn’t work so well here.”

“Time to cancel the murderer Alec Baldwin!”

Alec Baldwin

Some users called out Alec for being a murderer amid an accident that took place on a movie set called Rust in 2021, which ended up in the death of Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by an accidental live bullet from a prop gun being used by Baldwin.

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