AI pictures Princess Diana living in the social media era

We always imagine how departed figures and celebrities would look like if they are still living with us, and thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) we don’t have to make an effort to picture them in our minds, as the new technology doesn’t only give us a glimpse of how they look like by now, but  also it recreates them coping with our digital age of social media, electric cars and high end technology.

And who else than Princess Diana to have a great share of AI images generated by hundreds of AI image creators.

The late Princess of Wales still has a special place in people’s hearts even after 26 years of her departure.

The Queen of hearts has a significant influence on the fashion industry, and her attire is always being compared to almost every female royal nowadays, considering her as a fashion icon.

Princess Diana passed away on August 31, 1997, in a decade that was social media free and mobile phones were barely used by a certain type of people in specific industries.

But what would Princess Diana look like on social media? For instance, which profile picture would she select? And what words would she write in her bio?

Let’s see what AI offers of Princess of Wales if she lived in 2023:

1- Holding two cellphones while standing on Windsor Castle grounds

what if princess diana was alive today taking a royal selfie

2- Laughing on what seems like to be a Reel on Instagram while sitting in her Kensington Palace apartment

princess diana watching reels ai picture

3- Taking a royal selfie while sporting a trendy trench coat

princess diana taking mirror selfie in bathroom

4- A Twitter profile picture with the following bio: “Capturing memories and cherishing every moment. Diana – Princess of Wales #ForeverSmiling”

bio of princess diana on social media created by ai

5- Another Twitter profile picture with this bio: “Reminding the world that joy is found in simple pleasures. Diana – Princess of Wales #JoyfulHeart”

what would be princess diana's bio on social media

In another set of AI pictures, let’s see how Diana would have aged (her age would have been 62 is she was still alive)

6- She may look stunning today!

how would princess diana look like now

7- Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Queen Diana

what if princess diana was queen of untited kingdom

8- We think this could be her official portrait of her 62nd birthday

ai creates princess diana images in coronation

What about younger Diana? Check how AI pictures her:

9- Don’t you think this is a custom designed dress by Dolce and Gabbana.. Di looks edgy in this picture!

stylish princess diana

10- Doesn’t she look amazing in this picture! And by the way, it’s not far from her real younger self

princess diana looks happy at Kensington apartment

11- And speaking of the Barbie movie, here’s a Barbie version of Princess Di

princess Diana as a Barbie

12- A bride on her wedding wearing her favorite Lover’s Knot tiara

princess diana wedding picture portrait unseen

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