After 19 years, will Kfoury marry his 1st love?

 Rumors swirls claiming Lebanese artist, Wael Kfoury, is preparing to marry his first love.

The pair first got linked almost two decades ago, and she is reportedly a Moroccan woman named Magida Alimos.

Kfoury and Alimos’ wedding is set to take place in Cyprus on the Feb. 23, but the families are opposing the marriage due to the difference of their religion, it is also reported that the attendance will be limited to witnesses only.

Kfoury already gave his future wife a wedding present as he gifted her with an expensive new luxury car.

It is said that the wedding will take place at the singer’s mansion in Lebanon.

The couple’s love story began in 2004, but the girl’s family opposed their relationship due to religion, and the love bird had to go their separate ways to please their families.

Wael Kfoury spoke about his love story twice, the first time was in 2005, in his interview with “Kalam Al-Nas” magazine, when he said that he was living a love story with a non-Lebanese girl, to whom he dedicates most of his emotional songs.

And again, during his meeting with TV personlity, Wafaa Al-Kalani, on the “Takhareef” program, where he said that he knew love in his life once, without mentioning any details.

Wael Kfoury recently separated from his wife, Angela George Bishara, after they got married in 2011.

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