RIP Bennifer? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are fighting to save their marriage

The Hollywood power couple, who tied the knot in 2022 after reuniting following nearly two decades apart, are facing some challenges in their marriage as they cope with the pressures of fame, work and family.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez may have found their second chance at love, but their marriage is not without its difficulties. The stars, who wed in a lavish ceremony at Affleck’s Georgia home in July 2022, have been dealing with some issues that threaten to derail their fairytale romance.

According to a source close to the couple, Affleck and Lopez are “both trying” to save their marriage amid struggles that stem from their mismatched lifestyles, work stress and public scrutiny. “They love each other very much, but they are also very different people,” the source tells In Touch. “Jennifer is a workaholic who loves the spotlight, while Ben is more laid-back and private. They have to find a balance that works for both of them.”

The source adds that the pair have been arguing more frequently lately, especially over their busy schedules and how much time they spend together. “Jennifer is always on the go, promoting her projects, traveling, posting on social media. Ben feels like he’s being dragged along and sometimes left behind,” the source says. “He wants more quality time with her, but she’s always working or planning something new.”

One of the things that Lopez is planning is the release of her new album and documentary, both titled This Is Me … Now, on February 16. The projects are inspired by her relationship with Affleck and feature him as a writer and a guest star. While the singer and actress sees this as a way of celebrating their love story, the actor and director is not thrilled about exposing their personal life to the world.

“Ben is not comfortable with Jennifer putting their relationship out there for everyone to see and judge,” the source says. “He thinks it’s unnecessary and risky. He remembers how the media frenzy ruined their first engagement in 2004 and he doesn’t want history to repeat itself.”

The source reveals that Affleck and Lopez have been trying to work on their issues through therapy and communication, but they are still struggling to find common ground. “They are both passionate and stubborn, so they don’t always see eye to eye,” the source says. “They have to learn to compromise and respect each other’s needs and boundaries.”

The source also says that the couple’s children from their previous marriages are a source of both joy and stress for them. Affleck shares three kids, Violet, 21, Seraphina, 19, and Samuel, 17, with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, while Lopez shares twins Max and Emme, 15, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. “The kids are very supportive of their parents’ marriage and they get along well, but they also have their own lives and demands,” the source says. “Ben and Jennifer have to juggle their roles as spouses and parents, which is not easy.”

Despite the challenges, the source insists that Affleck and Lopez are not giving up on their marriage and are determined to make it work. “They are both trying their best to save their marriage and keep their family together,” the source says. “They know they have something special and they don’t want to lose it. They believe they can overcome any obstacle as long as they have each other.”

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