A surprise reunion: Kerem Bursin and Hande Doğandemir cross paths ahead of Kerem’s birthday celebration.

Just days before his birthday, which is on June 4, Kerem Bursin crossed paths with Hande Doğandemir, the protagonist of the series “When You Wait for the Sun, Güneşi Beklerken,” which aired eleven years ago.

Hande posted a video of Kerem from the birthday party to her Instagram story, so we know that he and Kerem, whose relationship is still going strong and they still meet up sometimes, were there with a few close friends.

Among the few Turkish productions that include several young actors and actresses, “Beyond the Sun” stands out. Handa, who played Einab in the series’ events, is the leader of the young people who are at the center of the work.

This series marked the beginning of Kerem’s career, and the adolescent ladies of Turkey and throughout the world fell in love with his good looks and unique ability.

The other actors in the cast are Emre Kenay, Yagmur Tanrisavar, Ismail Aga Shashmaz, Kerem, and Hande.

The protagonist of “Beyond the Sun,” Zeinab, is a high school student who attends a school in Istanbul with her mother.

Kerem Bursin, the son of the school owner (Karam), causes many problems at school. He argues with and attempts to dominate Zainab at first, but eventually falls in love with her.

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