Ziad Bourji undergoes facial plastic surgery

Lebanese singer and actor Ziad Bourji terrified his audience and fans after posting a photo after his facial plastic surgery. 

Ziad Bourji posted on Instagram, where he has 1.8 million followers, a photo of himself surrounded by medical staff and issued a thank for the doctor who performed the plastic surgery.

Ziad Bourji

Ziad Bourji. (Instagram)

Lebaese singer posted on his Instagram story and wrote: “This is not an advertisement for someone who already doesn’t need one. This is only a gesture and appreciation to the international Lebanese creativity.”

He maintained: “Thanks for making me feel safe between your hands, and a huge thanks for your amazing team.” “Thanks from the bottom of my heart Dr. Nabil Fakih.”

However, fans online complained that the Lebaese star didn’t need to go facial plastic surgery but he was looking fine. The artist though didn’t make any clarification regarding whether the surgery was a must.

Many said that now the Lebanese artist looked more Asian as they noticed a huge change in his eyes.

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