Zain Karazon Chokes up on Snapchat.. and Sends Out an Indirect Message To Ex Fiancé Abdullah Kanaan

Zain Karazon is not fine.

Jordanian influencer and beauty blogger Zain Karazon has raised her follower’s concern because of the latest video she shared on Snapchat.

The Jordanian beauty was laying in bed as she choked up telling followers ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’

She continued: ‘I miss Hayoush and Dandoun’. Hayoush is her twin sister Haya and Dandoun is her elder sister songstress Diana.

The Karazon sisters have not been together for months now, as Zain has moved to Dubai two months ago and Diana has been in Qatar performing at private weddings.

The twin sister Haya responded to Zain’s heartfelt video, and said that she misses her too and that they will meet soon.

Separately, Zain shared another video dancing to Khasrni ‘He Lost Me’ which followers interpreted as a message to her ex fiancé Abdullah Kanaan, as they separated one month after announcing engagement.

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