YouTube takes down Rim Khalil’s Syrian media channel

Syrian media figure Reem Khalil who is known as a YouTuber, disclosed that YouTube Has permanently shut down her channel due to ongoing discussions related to the Palestinian issue.

The journalist Reem came out in a collapsed video, stressing that “the decision to close lost years of effort on her channel”, pointing out that the decision was unjust, and because of her saying “The Truth”.

She added that “the decision is final and irreversible”, expressing her deep dissatisfaction with what happened to her, noting that her channel had been removed because she had revealed so many facts about Palestine.

YouTube Takes Down Rim Khalil’s Syrian Media Channel

The Syrian media commentator expressed:

“I’m upset about everything gone, deeply distressed, spent countless nights and efforts. I swear to God, it’s really upsetting, may God be sufficient for us against the injustice we faced. I swear to God, overwhelmed by oppression.”

She emphasized her intention to launch a new channel, aiming to advocate for the “rights of the oppressed,” as she described it.

By the time of writing this article, YouTube removed all her videos except for one that talks about her own country Syria, but we don’t know why this is the only video that didn’t get deleted off the platform.

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