Ya Çok Seversen Episode 2

The second episode of Ya Çok Seversen (translated from Turkish to: What if you love too much) has made its way on Kanal D last night.

In the episode Ateş’s arrival at home shocks Leyla and the children. With Ateş at home, Leyla’s ability to continue her nanny’s lie was in jeopardy.
Moreover, the team is sought by the groom’s family, who has been defrauded everywhere.

In addition, Leyla has nowhere else to go but the farm. She tries to adapt to the children and faces a hard time with the arrival of the real nanny. It’s also hard for Ateş to go back to the house he left years ago.

As if what happened was not enough, Ateş has to live with his siblings according to the family constitution, which the lawyer obliges to sign. Depressed Ateş takes a different route to stay at home. It is Leyla who leads him out of this road. Ateş makes radical decisions not only at home but also in the company.

Ya Çok Seversen 2. Bölüm izle

Meanwhile, Yakup takes a step that will put the whole team in danger, but he hides it from everyone. Berit’s disappearance helps Umut and Füsun, who collect evidence for the court. Ateş and Leyla get cornered.

Will they be able to unite and find Berit?

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