Whose Amr Diab’s new lover?

Dubai-based Egyptian Presenter, Mony Helal caused great controversy as she was seen with Egyptian singer, Amr Diab.

A picture of Egyptian model Mony Helal alongside Egyptian singer Amr Diab has caused great interaction on social media as the pair attended an event on Saturday.

The picture in which Helal can be seen wearing a tiger print dress, trended on social media as it was a spontaneous snap, Social media users claimed that the singer is in a romantic relationship with Helal.

This is not the first time Helal met with the singer, as previously a picture of the pair was shared on Twitter while the dup attended an event together.

The 30-year-old’s real name is Amina Helal, and has a Bachelor’s degree in communication, from the Department of Public Relations.

In 2018, Helal has crowned Miss Egypt, was nominated for Miss World in its 68th edition, and was chosen by the organizing committee of the international competition to represent Egypt.

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