Where does your country stand on the Russia-Ukraine war?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began nearly a year ago, the world has been broadly categorised into three camps – countries allied with Ukraine, those impartial to the conflict, and the nations that have defended Russia.

While the United States and European Union states have provided military assistance to Ukraine totalling more than $100bn, other countries have chosen to make their positions known by imposing sanctions on Russia or with their votes at the United Nations.

In the following series of infographics, Al Jazeera breaks down the political, military and economic positions of various countries.

Political stance

One way of knowing where a country stands politically is by looking at how they vote at the United Nations.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) comprises 193 member states and is the most representative body of the UN system. Every member state is allowed an equal vote when deciding on resolutions.

Resolutions passed by the UNGA are non-binding, which means they have no legal power. Rather, they are viewed as an expression of the will of the international community on a given topic.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UN convened its first emergency session in 25 years. The 193-member assembly has since voted on four special resolutions addressing various concerns with regard to Ukraine.

The map below summarises how these countries voted across these four special resolutions.

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