Weekly Shonen Jump announces 4th My Hero Academia movie

Weekly Shonen Jump (one of Japan’s biggest manga serialization companies) has announced that My Hero Academia is getting a fourth movie installment!

According to Final Weapon, the movie was first announced with the release of the 396th chapter of the manga and Shonen Jump’s issue #36-37 in 2023.

The movie will be animated by Toho Animation and produced by Studio Bones like previous movies and seasons of the Anime.

We do not have news on when the movie will be released but it is confirmed that it will be an original story that follows the events of the Anime.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Season 7 / Toho Animation 

It was announced on March 2023 after the end of season 6 that My Hero Academia will be getting a 7th season where the official website posted an official illustration and a PV trailer.

The Anime will continue from where season 6 ended and will adopt from Kouhei Horikoshi’s Manga like previous seasons.

Kouhei Horikoshi is My Hero Academia’s original creator, it came to exist because of a one-shot Kouehi created for Shonen Jump called “My Hero” in 2008.  Years later the Manga got serialized in 2014 and became an instant hit among Anime fans.

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