Was Maritta Henna Party inspired by Princess Rajwa’s?

Since photos from Maritta Al-Hellani’s Henna party were released on Instagram many people claimed that the Lebanese singer and actress was inspired by the Henna party of Jordan’s Princess Rajwa Al Hussein.

Social media users have widely noticed the huge similarity between the two Henna parties of Maritta Al-Hellani, daughter of famous Lebanese singer Assi Al-Hellani, and Jordan’s Princess Rajwa.

Some people reportedly said that candles were the main theme of the two Henna parties as well as traditional songs and clothes.

Both Princess Rajwa and Maritta shined in long white dresses with golden-colored embroideries. They also adopted sophisticated hairstyles and when it came to makeup Princess Rajwa and Maritta stuck to simple earthy colors.

The Henna party of Princess Rajwa took place in May with the presence of Jordan’s Queen Rania, Princess Iman and Princess Salma along with many family members and friends. Her dress was made by Saudi designer Honayda Serafi.

Meanwhile, Maritta Al Hellani shared snaps from her Henna party on Instagram and wrote: “Honoring tradition at my father’s farm in Hallanieh.”

Maritta Al Hellani’s Henna party (Instagram)

Maritta Al Hellani got married to Kamil Abi Khalil on June 7 in a civil wedding ceremony which was attended by family and friends. After the wedding ceremony, a party to celebrate the newlyweds was joined by family and friends as well as many celebrities.

On the Other hand, Jordan Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa’s wedding took place in the Jordanian capital Amman on June 1. The wedding ceremony happened at Zahran Palace then a dinner banquet was held in Al Husseiniya Palace.

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