Video: Wadih Wassouf’s casket arrives

 The mother of the Wadih Wassouf, the son of the famous Syrian artist, George Wassouf, appeared hysterically emotional the moment she saw her son’s casket.

The body of Wadih Wassouf, the eldest son of George Wassouf, was brought to the St. Nicholas Church of the Greek Orthodox, in Achrafieh, Beirut.

The funeral procession was attended by hundreds of mourners, including politicians, artists, and close friends of Wassouf.

Wassouf’s funeral is set to take place until Tuesday at the St. Elias church in Kafroun, before the body of Wadih is transferred to Syria, his hometown, where he can be laid to rest.

The men carried the coffin of the deceased on their shoulders, swaying with it left and right, to the tune of George Wassouf’s song ”Youm Al Wadaa”’

Wadih’s mother, Shalimar Wassouf can be seen crying and dancing hysterically while others around her tried to calm her down.

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