US soldier Travis King crossed into North Korea: What to know

The already strained ties between the United States and North Korea have become even more complicated following a bizarre incident involving a US soldier illegally crossing into the northern peninsula. US officials believe Travis King is now being held in custody.What happened?
King was serving nearly two months in a South Korean prison for assault. He was released on July 10 and was being sent home on Monday to Fort Bliss, Texas, where he could have faced additional military discipline and discharge from the service.

He was escorted as far as customs but left the airport before boarding his plane. It was unclear how he spent the hours until joining a tour in the border village of Panmunjom during which he run across the border on Tuesday afternoon.

Who is Travis King?
The 23-year-old soldier was a cavalry scout with the 1st Armored Division. The army released his name and limited information after King’s family was notified. But a number of US officials provided additional details on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

King’s mother told ABC News she was shocked when she heard her son had crossed into North Korea: “I can’t see Travis doing anything like that,” Claudine Gates, of Racine, Wisconsin, said.

Gates said the US army told her on Tuesday morning of her son’s entrance to North Korea. She said she last heard from her son “a few days ago”, when he told her he would return soon to Fort Bliss. She added she just wants “him to come home”.

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