US sanctions push Syrians to resort to taboos

The American sanctions on Syria, especially the Caesar Act, are still a sword hanging over the necks of the Syrians, and the February earthquake or the economic situation they are experiencing in other cities did not intercede for them to remove this harsh punishment.
The American sanctions do not stop at blockading the Syrians and their ability to import basic and necessary materials, whether food, medical or other. Rather, they punish every country, company or entity that tries to help them.
The result was that hundreds of innocent civilians died under the rubble in the devastating earthquake that struck the north of the country on the 6th since last February..
Whereas, despite the exceptions taken at the time, the sanctions affect humanitarian operations in Syria in several ways, including by making it difficult to access basic goods, reducing funding for relief organizations, restricting travel and movement, increasing bureaucratic obstacles, and generally hindering economic activity.
Syrians currently lack the right to life, health, food, and other aspects of the right to an adequate standard of living that are at risk as a result, especially among those who are already vulnerable or marginalized, and the circle of tragedy is expanding significantly to include social and economic classes that were once immune to the danger of living.
It has become necessary for the Arab countries, which opened a dialogue with Syria in the wake of the recent Arab summit in the Saudi capital, to work seriously with Western countries, especially with the United States of America, to lift these sanctions and work to coordinate the reconstruction of the country and reopen the export and import borders without obstacles.

The countries surrounding Syria have a great interest in saving it. In addition to the fraternal and Arab bond and the national duty, the return of dealings with Syria will open the way for improving the economy in those countries, in addition to improving it in Syria itself, and there will be no real justification for the Syrians to leave those in charge of Manufacturing and exporting Captagon and drugs will even be fought and ostracized, as there will be room to collect money through agriculture, industry, and production that will be exported abroad without any obstacles or penalties.

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