US President Biden calls for fraternity across ‘all peoples, religions, and beliefs’

US President Joe Biden in a statement on Saturday urged fraternity among all peoples and religions on the occasion of the International Day of Human Fraternity.

Biden urged all people to “sow the seeds of fraternity across all peoples, religions, and beliefs,” adding that “our pursuit of peace, justice, and human dignity is perennial: with every generation, we are called to combat the flames of hate that have been given too much oxygen for too long.”

The Document on Human Fraternity was signed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb in Abu Dhabi on February 4, 2019, in the presence of the United Arab Emirates’ then-Prime Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed intended to create a lasting legacy of tolerance and understanding that is reflected in the annual International Day of Human Fraternity worldwide.

“The International Day of Human Fraternity offers us an opportunity to see each other as equals…It is a chance to renew our efforts to care for others in need, to demand peace and justice, and to call for freedom for everyone everywhere,” Biden said.


“It is a moment to celebrate the moral courage of faith leaders and others who continue collaborating for the common good.”

Since the Document’s inception, it has received universal acclaim as a joint declaration by the world’s two most prominent religious leaders.

On December 21, 2020, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, co-sponsored by the UAE and Egypt, making February 4 the International Day of Human Fraternity.

The International Day of Human Fraternity highlights the principles and values of the Document on Human Fraternity, while advocating for world peace, peaceful interfaith coexistence and explores good practices towards its implementation as a pathway to building a more peaceful world, commemorating the Document.

“Today, on International Day of Human Fraternity, the United States joins in common cause with all people seeking peace and equality. We remain committed to building a better Nation and a better world for future generations,” Biden said.

“Men and women of different religions walk towards God along paths that increasingly intertwine. Each encounter can be an opportunity to stand against each other or, with God’s help, to encourage each other to move forward as brothers and sisters,” said Pope Francis.

“Indeed, we share not only a common origin and descent, but also a common destiny, that of fragile and vulnerable creatures, as the era we are living shows us all too clearly.”

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