US imports from Russia double – new data

The United States has increased imports of goods from Russia despite its numerous economic sanctions on the country, data published by the US Census Bureau revealed on Thursday.

In May, the volume of products imported from the sanctioned country surged and amounted to $504 million, according to the report.

This is more than double the figures from April, when Washington purchased goods worth $215.6 million from Russia.

In February, US imports of goods reached a to-date 2023 high of $642.8 million.

Meanwhile, US exports to Russia continue to decline. In May, the volume of exported goods plunged to $60 million from $65.2 million the previous month and $66.4 million in March, data showed. In January, US exports to Russia totaled $44.6 million.

Following the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine last February, Washington slapped Moscow with sanctions, banning some Russian goods from US shores. The restrictions largely targeted Russian energy exports, but also included alcohol, seafood products, and non-industrial diamonds, among others things.

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