UK Foreign Secretary Cameron holds video call with hoaxer

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron exchanged messages and held a video call with someone purporting to be former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, but the interactions were later determined to be a hoax, the foreign office said on Friday.

“Whilst the video call clearly appeared to be with Mr. Poroshenko, following the conversation the Foreign Secretary became suspicious,” the foreign office said in a statement.

“The department has now investigated and confirmed that it was not genuine and that the messages and video call were a hoax.”

The statement gave no details of what was discussed during the exchanges, other than to say that the caller asked Cameron for others’ contact details.

The foreign office said Cameron was making the hoax public “in case the video of the Foreign Secretary is manipulated and subsequently used, and to ensure that others are aware of this risk.”

“Whilst regretting his mistake, the Foreign Secretary thinks it important to call out this behavior and increase efforts to counter the use of misinformation,” the foreign office said.

Cameron is not the first British foreign minister to be caught out by a hoax. In 2018 then-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson discussed international relations and rude poetry with a hoax caller who pretended to be the Armenian prime minister.

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