UAE authority urges remote work for public, private sector ahead of adverse weather

The UAE’s crisis and disaster management authority called on public and private sector employees to work remotely on Thursday and Friday ahead of expected adverse weather.

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) called on all government and private sector companies to adopt remote working on May 2 and 3 as the country braces for heavy rainfall.

The latest announcement comes as parts of the country, especially Dubai and Sharjah, continue dealing with the aftermath of record rainfall and the subsequent flooding two weeks ago.

Authorities said they are closely monitoring the incoming weather and have plans to ensure public safety and reduce disruptions.

“The national system for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management emphasizes raising the alert level and readiness to deal with the weather situation, in order to ensure an effective response and provide the necessary support at both national and local levels,” NCEMA said in a social media statement.

A joint weather task force met on Tuesday to coordinate response efforts.

Earlier, the authority announced remote learning for all educational institutions, public and private.

Roads leading toward valleys (wadis), dams and lakes will be closed. It called on motorists to stay away from mountains, deserts, and the sea during these times.

The adverse weather is expected to clear by the weekend.

Additionally, the Gulf state’s National Center of Meteorology (NCM) said it forecasts a less severe weather event compared to storms in April, but said residents can expect rain showers and thunderstorms from Wednesday evening through early Friday morning.

The authorities also said they expect hail in western and coastal areas.

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