UAE arrest man for sharing offensive video on social media

The Federal Public Prosecution for Combating Rumours and Electronic Crimes in the United Arab Emirates has ordered the pretrial detention of an Asian national, into a number of charges levelled against him.

The individual has been charged with various offenses, including insulting the Emirati society, as reported by the Emirates News Agency.

A controversial video has been circulating on social media, capturing a person entering a luxury car exhibition in the UAE while carrying a large sum of money and behaving in a haughty and showy manner.

The video has sparked anger among viewers and has gained widespread attention.

The widely-shared video has generated considerable controversy and calls for the apprehension and investigation of the individual involved.

The Federal Public Prosecution for Combating Rumors and Electronic Crimes has ordered the pretrial detention of an Asian resident, pending investigations into the documented incident in the circulated video.

The Asian resident has been charged with using the information network to disseminate provocative propaganda that could incite public opinion, cause harm to public interest, publish content that does not align with media content standards, and insult the Emirati society.

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