Turkey quake survivor kills daughter, himself

 A survivor of Turkey’s devastating earthquakes killed his teenage daughter before he committed suicide.

Turkish media sites said the man, Ferit Dayan, was severely depressed following the death of his wife and two of his children in the earthquakes.

Dayan, a secondary school science teacher, was grieving the death of his wife, Feray, and his two children, Alperen and Azra Beril. The three died in the devastating earthquakes that jolted Turkey in February.

Dayan killed his 12-year-old daughter, Asia Irim Dayan, on April 27, the Daily Mail reported.

The girl, who had survived the earthquake along with her father, was playing in the garden of their new home when her father called her inside and shot her in the head.

Local media outlets reported that the man committed suicide after killing his daughter.

The man died instantly in his home, while his daughter was taken to the hospital and died of serious wounds in the intensive care unit. The two were later buried side-by-side at a local cemetery.

Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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