Travis Scott arrested in Miami for disturbing the peace while intoxicated, quickly departs for Los Angeles

 Following the arrest of Travis Scott by law enforcement in Miami Beach, Florida, on allegations of “disturbing the peace while intoxicated,” TMZ published a photograph of Travis departing Miami on a private plane with the intention of traveling to Los Angeles.

On Thursday morning, June 20, police arrested Travis and found him yelling at people on a docked boat in the port of Miami Beach. Law enforcement personnel repeatedly requested Travis to leave the location after their arrival.

After leaving the harbor, Travis Scott came back five minutes later and began yelling once again at the people who were on board the yacht. It was during his interrogation that he acknowledged having consumed alcohol. He rationalized his behavior by stating, “It’s Miami.”

Immediately after his release from detention, he decided to depart from Miami and board a private jet in order to go back to Los Angeles. TMZ provided photographs showing him with a man helping him load some of his bags.

It’s crucial to understand that Travis has previously faced arrests and lawsuits related to the catastrophic event at Astroworld. Travis has faced legal issues before.

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