Travis Kelce says he doesn’t know how the F**k’ he ever caught Taylor Swift’s eye

 Travis Kelce is thinking back on when he and Taylor Swift were first dating.

In the most recent edition of their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, which was broadcast on April 11, Travis, who is 34 years old, admitted that he is still confused about how he became the boyfriend of the equally famous pop artist Taylor Swift, who is also 34 years old.

After rapper Lil Dicky (real name: David Burd) gave Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce his honest opinion on the craze surrounding Taylor Swift,. Even though “it’s not changed that much for me,” Jason’s honesty about how “it’s fun” and “he’s having a blast in life, baby” had the most impact on Travis.

“Just floating freely, relishing in the moment,” he went on to say. “Inspiring fresh perspectives in the football world and introducing fresh ideas to the football world.”

Swift, who had previously blasted Kelce’s public fling as “metal as hell,” ended up going to many Chiefs games before the pair got serious in October. Shortly after that, they poked fun at their dual “Saturday Night Live” spotlight.

The Super Bowl winner and the billionaire pop star’s combined stardom have been impossible to ignore, but “New Heights” co-host Jason Kelce claimed that his personal life “has not changed that much.” However, according to his brother, everything is perfect.

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