Top Jackie Chan movies

Jackie Chan is known for his legendary martial art and action movies. 

Jackie Chan is a famous producer, actor, and martial arts master, We gathered up the top 5 movies for the actor whose real name is Chan Kong-sang.

1. Rush Hour

The 1998  cop action-comedy film Rush Hour stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, the film tells the story of  LAPD Detective James Carter and Hong Kong Police Inspector Lee teaming up to rescue the daughter of the Chinese Consul who has been kidnapped by a criminal organization.

Two sequels were also released, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3.

2. Police Story

The movie was released in 2003, and stars Jackie Chan who plays the role of a policeman who must protect a female witness named Brigitte Lin from a Hong Kong drug lord.

3. The Tuxedo

Jackie Chan starred in a movie titled The Tuxedo in 2002 alongside actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, the movie follows a chauffeur named Jimmy Tong, who puts on a tux that turns out to be a little more of a black belt than a black tie, Tong later becomes a secret agent.

4. Bleeding Steel

Released in 2017, Bleeding Steels tells the story of a special agent named Lin Dong who tries to arrest a criminal, then he discovers that his missing daughter is part of a dangerous biochemistry experiment.

5. The Foreigner

Pierce Brosnan stars alongside Jackie Chan in the 2017 movie The Foreigner, the movie tells the tale of Ngoc Minh Quan, a restaurateur who is looking for the terrorists who are responsible for his daughters’ death, searching for justice.

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