Tight race as vote results trickle in

  • Pakistan election early results show PTI-affiliated candidates taking a narrow lead, followed by PMLN and PPP contenders.
  • Results started to trickle in nearly 12 hours after polling for national and provincial assemblies ended on Thursday.
  • WATCH: Concern over results discrepancies

    Discrepancies with early election results in some Pakistani districts are causing concern and confusion.

    If you are just joining us

    It’s a little over 4:30pm (11:30 GMT) in Pakistan and the country’s polling body has now announced provisional results for more than half of the National Assembly seats.

    Here is a recap of events so far:

    • Independent candidates, the vast majority of whom are affiliated with the PTI, maintain their lead, winning 60 constituencies.
    • The PMLN remains in second place, clinching 43, followed by the PPP, with 37.
    • Official results should have been announced last night or earlier this morning.
    • The delay has raised eyebrows, with PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan accusing authorities of tampering with the election results, saying votes have been “stolen”.

      Latest results

      • Independents (including those affiliated with PTI) – 60
      • PMLN – 43
      • PPP – 37
      • Others – 6

      Announced: 146
      Postponed: 1
      Remaining: 119

      ‘The system has shown that it doesn’t work’

      Turnout in the last general elections was just over 51 percent.

      Al Jazeera spoke to a female voter who did not cast her ballot on Thursday.

      “I didn’t vote. Why should I? The system has shown that it doesn’t work. Why should I waste my time on a day when I can actually relax,” she said.

      Lengthy delays to the start of polling also put people off.

      Muhammad Hussain, 67, said polling at a particular polling station in Karachi’s Malir area did not start until 3pm, seven hours after the scheduled start time.

      Voters lament delay in results

      Voters in Pakistan’s largest and most populous city are getting edgy by the delay in announcing results.

      “We voted even though it turned out to be a selection like the last time,” 55-year-old Asif Qureshi told Al Jazeera.

      “We are in a digital age and yet, we aren’t aware of the results nearly 24 hours after the polls. Their excuse is that internet was down but they were the ones who suspended it.

      “We went to sleep thinking PTI candidates are in front. Now we are being told they aren’t. Why waste so much money. Just name the ones they have selected to be the winners then.”

      Delay in electoral results raises suspicion over role of the military

      In previous elections, there is no denying the fact that the military has had an overpowering role. However, right now it is difficult to substantiate claims that the military is involved in what’s happening.

      The election commissioner has always been biased against the PTI. Under Article 220, he’s supposed to be the boss. All the executive powers rest with him during the election and the military is subordinate to him.

      So the question is, is the subordinate giving orders to the superior, or is it the other way around?

      Latest results

      • Independents (including those affiliated with PTI) – 55
      • PMLN – 43
      • PPP – 35
      • Others – 6

      Announced: 139
      Postponed: 1
      Remaining: 126

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