“This is not Megan Fox”, AI or minimal makeup?

After posting a picture of herself on Instagram, American actress Megan Fox became the talk of the internet as users across social media couldn’t recognize her making the star trending across social media platforms including X (formerly known as Twitter).

The photo in question showed Megan taking a selfie in a bathroom with blue hair, a black bikini, and what seems to be pajama pants, but fans of her quickly took to social media and said things such as, “Is it me or that doesn’t look like Megan fox at all?” and “She looks nothing like Megan fox”.

Some fans even likened the Transformers actress to Kim Kardashian which could be because of the type and style of makeup she used. Lighting also plays a big role when taking a picture on social media which could’ve been the case on why she looks so different.

“This is not Megan Fox”, lookalike or minimal makeup?

On top of likening her to Kim Kardashian, users also pointed out that Megan looks like Chelsea Blackwell from the dating show Love is Blind.

Users across social media had a lot to say about the photo:

One added, “This is definitely Kim Kardashian” and “This is Megan Fox, now she is Kim Kardashian 2.0” with a GIF of the star in her Transformers movie days starring herself and Shia LaBeouf.

Megan Fox

(Megan Fox with Charli D’Amelio on Instagram)
Another user added poking fun at the matter, “What in the face tune and plastic surgery is going on?”

The photo in question was posted on Fox’s 21 million follower account 14 hours ago on Apr. 18, 2024, and Fox wrote a caption saying that she’s working on fixing her hair for the Coachella Festival.

“repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post Coachella” and then went on to tag Wella Hair USA which seemed to be the sponsor of the post as the company shared her picture on their official Instagram.

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