Sultan AlNeyadi 1st image from Earth after end of “Crow-6″ mission

The Emirati astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi, appeared in his first photo, on Monday, after returning to Earth with the crew of the “Crow-6” mission.

The Crew 6 mission is the first long-term mission of Arab astronauts and the second Emirati mission to the International Space Station. It was launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center as part of the UAE Astronaut Program.

The UAE astronaut returned to Earth with important scientific results and a personal experience that could be a beacon for lovers of storming outer space after harnessing himself to accomplish more than 200 scientific experiments to study the changes that affect astronauts in space.

Al-Neyadi has conducted some prominent scientific experiments in space including the effect of microgravity on cardiac and respiratory functions, the participation in the study of pathogens in space, the production of food crops in space as well as he studied the effect of a microgravity environment on sleep patterns of astronauts.

About Sultan Al Neyadi

Sultan Al Neyadi is an Emirati astronaut and one of the first two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates, along with Hazza Al Mansouri.

He shared many stunning and breathtaking photos of Arab countries from the space including Palestine, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

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