Study: People Vaccinated for COVID are more likely to die

A discovery by researchers from Ohio State University revealed that people who got vaccinated for COVID are more likely to die compared to unvaccinated individuals raising concern among social media users across several platforms with the most being X (formerly known as Twitter). 

A study by Frontiers Journals reveals, “Among COVID-19 patients, the mortality rate was significantly higher among Vax vs. NVax patients (p=0.002),” meaning that whoever got injected with the Chinese Virus, doubled their risk of death compared to people who didn’t get vaccinated who chose natural immunity instead.

Moreover, it adds that “While mortality rates were 36% (n=25) and 27% (n=15) for non-COVID-19 [non-vaccinated] and [vaccinated] patients, respectively, in COVID-19 patients mortality rates were 37% [for non-vaccinated patients] and 70% [for vaccinated patients].”

Study: People Vaccinated for COVID are more likely to die

Ohio State University researchers also found that the Charlson’s Comorbidity Index score which “predicts 10-year survival in patients with multiple comorbidities” was significantly higher among people who got the jab than whoever refused getting the injection.

Natural News reported that many individuals globally who got jabbed decided to take the vaccine for reasons including either protecting themselves from underlying health conditions or because their jobs, schools, and countries made it compulsory.

Recently, a study also showcased that some people who got jabbed by the AstraZeneca vaccine suffered from side effects including potentially a rare fatal blood condition. This resulted in the suing of the pharmaceutical company with the main cause of “death and serious injury in dozens of cases, according to The Telegraph.


The Journal by Frontiers concluded that “This study highlights the impact of vaccination, age, comorbidities, and Ab profiles on the clinical outcomes of COVID-19 ARF. While COVID-19 vaccination has played an important role in reducing COVID-19-related hospitalization risk, the observation of higher mortality rates among 50+ Vax vs. NVAx patients with severe COVID-19 infection and respiratory failure is a matter of concern.”

This meant that these vaccines did reduce the risk of hospitalization but showcased that 50+ individuals who received the vaccine compared to those who did not, particularly among severe cases with infections and respiratory failure, raised concerns.

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