Shakira’s mom hospitalized for blood clot

Shakira’s mom, Nidia Ripoll is said to be hospitalized in Barcelona after a blood clot was found in her leg.

Singer Shakira’s mom, Nidia Ripoll reportedly suffered a stroke after a blood clot was found in her leg, and Ripoll was rushed to the hospital.

It is reported that Ripoll’s health problem was related to deep vein thrombosis and had not affected her brain.

The Colombian singer has not commented on her mom’s health status.

Shakira and her mom (Via Twitter)

Last week, it is reported that Shakira’s mom had health problems after feeling “unwell.”

Last Friday Ripoll was admitted to the emergency room, but is now said to be out of danger and was allowed to go home.

Earlier, Shakira’s dad William Mubarak was also sent to the hospital last year to undergo surgery, which is the reason behind her decision to delay her move to Miami with her two sons amid her split from footballer Gerard Pique.

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