Seven Indians rescued after boats capsize near Shark Island in Sharjah’s Khorfakkan

The UAE coast guard rescued seven people from drowning near Shark Island in the beach-side city of Khorfakkan, the Gulf state’s National Guard announced on Wednesday.

The seven individuals from India were rescued after the two leisure boats they were in capsized, the UAE authority said in a social media statement.

Specialized rescue teams were deployed after the accident was reported.

A woman and her child reportedly sustained injuries from the incident and were transported to the nearest hospital.

The coast guard issued an advisory urging visitors to follow instructions and guidelines, and practice caution during volatile weather conditions.

On May 22, the UAE National Center for Meteorology issued a ‘Be Aware’ warning on its social media platforms which cautioned visitors in Khorfakkan to “be on the lookout if you go in for outdoor activities” until 5:00 p.m.

It is not clear whether adverse weather caused the capsizing.

A few days prior to the latest reported incident, the UAE coast guard rescued six from international waters after their vessel sunk reportedly due to bad weather conditions.

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