Saudi TikToker dies in a car accident

Saudi TikToker Mujab Al-Qahtani died in a car accident on Wednesday, local media reported. 

The death of the Saudi TikToker was confirmed by many members of his family.

Mujab Bin Hazam Fahd Al-Masardi Al-Qahtani is originally from the city of Dammam. He has about 92,000 followers on his TikTok account, and his clips get millions of views on the social media platform.

Many fans of the Saudi TikToker have launched the hashtag “#معجب_حزام_القحطاني (Mujab Bin Hazam Al-Qahtani)” to share grief, sadness and shock by the death of the Saudi social media personality.

However, according to local media, no details were shared regarding the place and the cause of the accident, which took the life of the Saudi TikToker.

It is worth mentioning that Mujab Al-Qahtani is the brother of the late poet Fahd Hizam Al-Qahtani, who also died 8 years ago.

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