Russia’s Lavrov says G7 decisions aim at ‘double containment’ of Russia and China

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday that decisions taken by the Group of Seven countries at their summit in Japan were aimed at the “double containment” of Russia and China.

Addressing a televised conference, Lavrov reiterated Russia’s claim that the West is using Ukraine as tool to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. The United States and its allies reject that narrative, saying they are helping Kyiv defend itself against an illegal war.

“The task was set loudly and openly – to defeat Russia on the battlefield, but not to stop there, but to eliminate it as a geopolitical competitor,” Lavrov said.

“Look at the decisions that are being discussed and adopted today in Hiroshima at the G7 summit and which are aimed at the double containment of Russia and China.”

In a statement earlier, the G7 agreed to tighten sanctions against Moscow and pare back exposure to China. They also urged China to press Russia to halt its military aggression and immediately withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

Lavrov said the West was putting pressure on countries to cut trade and economic ties with Russia, but Moscow had support from a lot of allies.

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