Russia bars aid access to flooded areas it controls after Ukraine dam destruction: UN

The United Nations said on Sunday that Moscow continued to reject requests to allow the international agency to provide aid to help people in Russian-controlled areas affected by the Kakhkova dam destruction.

The destruction of the dam has led to flooding across enormous areas and has created difficult struggles for thousands who were left homeless and without access to essential services.

The UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Ukraine, Denise Brown, said the Russian government “has so far declined our request to access the areas under its temporary military control.”

She added: “The UN will continue to engage to seek the necessary access. We urge the Russian authorities to act in accordance with their obligations under international humanitarian law.”

“Aid cannot be denied to people who need it. The UN will continue to do all it can to reach all people – including those suffering as a result of the recent dam destruction – who urgently need life-saving assistance, no matter where they are,” Brown said in a statement.

Russia and Ukraine continue to point the finger of the blame at the other with the accusation of deliberately attacking the dam.

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