Reports of alleged radioactive cats in Britain

Residents living near the notorious Sellafield nuclear facility in the village of “Seacle” have supposedly reported a terrifying invasion of radioactive cats, according to anti-nuclear weapons activists in Britain. Sellafield, located on the picturesque Cumbria coast in western Britain, is renowned as one of Europe’s largest nuclear facilities.

The activists, as reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” claim that these stray cats pose a significant danger to the local population as they are said to carry radioactive plutonium in their excrement.

Reports of supposed radioactive cats in Britain


The colony of these radioactive cats is said to have been flourishing over the years, with workers at the nuclear site unintentionally encouraging their presence by providing them with food and warm shelter around the facility’s gigantic steam pipes.

While some people dismiss the claims as mere myths designed to discourage individuals from venturing near the hazardous site, others firmly believe in the real threat posed by these feline carriers of nuclear dangers.


Activists supporting the cause argue that the danger is genuine, pointing to an analysis of the cats’ feces conducted by a nuclear contamination expert. These findings prompted concerns about the health risks faced by village families who adopt these cats, putting both them and their loved ones at potential risk.

The statistics reveal that between 2019 and 2020, more than 70 cats from the Sellafield area were relocated to shelters and eventually adopted by caring individuals in Cumbria County, located in western England.

Whether this is a genuine crisis or a mere urban legend made up by people who simply don’t like cats, the focus on addressing the potential dangers associated with the Sellafield nuclear site persists.

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