Renewed violence erupts at ayn el-Helva refugee camp in Lebanon

 Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, Ayn el-Helva, has witnessed a resurgence of hostilities, resulting in injuries to 39 individuals. 

As a precautionary measure due to the ongoing clashes, Lebanon University has temporarily suspended classes for one day.

According to reports from the official Lebanese news agency NNA, the clashes, which reignited last night in Ayn el-Helva, continued for a significant duration. The conflict pitted the Fatah Movement against other Palestinian groups within the camp, leading to injuries sustained by 39 civilians.


In response to the escalating violence, Lebanon University in the city of Sidon, where Ayn el-Helva is situated, has decided to halt classes for one day to ensure the safety of its student body.

Ayn el-Helva Unrest:
Ayn el-Helva, Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, has been plagued by violence since July 29th, with casualties totaling 13 fatalities and over 60 wounded individuals. The protracted conflict has forced nearly 4,000 people to flee their homes.

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi had reported on August 7th that the situation in Ayn el-Helva Refugee Camp had gradually stabilized.

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