Ramadan market takes place in heart of “Christmas Capital”

 Months following Strasbourg’s famous Christmas market, the city in eastern France shifts its focus to a smaller, yet vibrant Ramadan market, honoring the Muslim month of fasting with diverse foods and fun activities.

Set beneath a spacious 2400-square-meter tent on land owned by the Turkish Muslim Association “Ditib,” the Ramadan market welcomes hundreds to share breakfast and relish live performances by musicians on a grand stage. Over 50 stalls full of visitors who came to eat Turkish delicacies like kebabs, baklava, sesame bread and an array of spices.


Zaida Uygur, a Frenchwoman of Turkish descent, cherishes the market’s warm ambiance, bringing together families, friends, and communities to savor dishes beyond the daily fare.

“Ramadan unites,” remarks Zee, a government employee from North Africa, emphasizing the event’s diverse spirit that shows cultural understanding and harmony among diverse groups.

According to Saban Kiper, a spokesperson for DETIB in Strasbourg, the market fulfills a community need for communal gatherings and activities, akin to the festive spirit observed during Christmas.

Despite drawing comparisons to Strasbourg’s famed Christmas market, Kiper clarifies that the Ramadan market’s legacy is still in its infancy, having launched just four years ago, with the previous edition attracting 50000 visitors.


Leaders of the association hope for the market to reshape perceptions of the Muslim community and foster dialogue, especially after security concerns following past incidents. The city officials help with planning to avoid problems but mostly let the event organizers handle things. They see it more as a cultural event than a religious one.

Jean Verlaine, who advises on religious matters for the city, talks about how the market welcomes everyone, much like the Christmas market in Strasbourg, where different cultures come together alongside long-standing traditions.

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