Ramadan 2024: Walad Badia series causes controversy

A new Syrian series called Walad Badia (Sons of Badia) has caused massive fuss on social media. The new series is coming for Ramadan 2024.

Walad Badia is a new Syrian series directed by the greatest Syrian director Rasha Sharbatgy and consists of 30 episodes.

The artwork is written by both Syrian actor Yamen Al-Hajali and writer Ali Wajeeh.

Walad Badia

About Walad Badia series:

According to reports shared by ET SYRIA, the main characters will be played by Syrian actress Emarat Rizk, 38, who will play the role of the mother, “Badia.”

Meanwhile, her four children will be played by Sulafa Mimar, 47, Mahmoud Nsr, 40, Samer Ismail, 38, and Yamen Al-Hajali, 39.

The artwork is a social drama one and tells the story of the four children along with their mother. Mimar will play the role of Sukar, while Nsr will present the character Mukhtar, as well as Ismail and Al-Hajali will be Shahen and Yaseen in the Syrian series.

Walad Badia

Why is Walad Badia series under fire?

Many people complained online saying that Syrian artist Emarat Rizk is too young to play the mother role of four Syrian artists, who are in real life much older than her.

A person wrote: “Emarat Rizk is playing the mother of Sulafa Mimar and Mahmoud Nsr, Is it an Indian film?”

Several fans online also asked the director Rasha Sharbatgy to switch between Emarat and Sulafa and ask Mimar to play the role of the mother as according to many she is more “suitable” agewise.

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