Ramadan 2024: List of Syrian drama series

As Ramadan 2024 is less than two months away, the Arab world is of course waiting for the latest Syrian drama series that will start along with this holy month.

Syrian drama series is one of the best in the Middle East and is usually taking over the spotlight of the Ramadan season over its plot which is usually connected to real life in the Arab community.

In this article, Al Bawaba presents all the Syrian drama series coming in Ramadan 2024.

Ramadan 2024: List of Syrian drama series

1. Walad Badia/ ولاد بديعة

Walad Badia (Sons of Badia) is a new Syrian series coming in Ramadan 2024 and is directed by the greatest Syrian director Rasha Sharbatgy. The artwork is written by both Syrian actor Yamen Al-Hajali and writer Ali Wajeeh.

According to reports shared by ET SYRIA, the main character will be played by Syrian actress Emarat Rizk, 38, who will play the role of the mother, “Badia.” Meanwhile, her four children will be played by Sulafa Mimar, 47, Mahmoud Nsr, 40, Samer Ismail, 38, and Yamen Al-Hajali, 39.

Number of episodes: 30

Ramadan 2024

2. Taj/تاج

The Ramadan 2024 series takes viewers to the 1950s, where the Syrian artist Taim Hasan embodies a martial arts player whom women fall in love with, including a singer, whose role is embodied by the artist Faya Younan.

The cast of the Syrian drama series includes Bassam Kousa, Dogana Essa, Farah Al-Dabiat, Lebanese singer Noura Rahal, and singer Faya Younan.

Number of episodes: 30

Ramadan 2024

3. Ramad al Ward/رماد الورد

The Ramadan 2024 series talks about a judge who finds evidence revealing the involvement of a person in the murder of his wife, under the guidance of a woman and her brother who own a platform on “TikTok”. When he begins the investigation, it leads him to more people involved, who work to blackmail young men and women through fake accounts on the application.

Many stars participate in the work, most notably: Wael Ramadan, Abeer Shams El Din, Hema Ismail, Muhammad Haddaki, Rawaa Yassin, and Jenny Esber.

Number of episodes: 30

Ramadan 2024

4. Thaman al Khyaneh/ثمن الخيانة

The plot of the series takes place in a social policy framework that is not devoid of black comedy. It details the story of 3 men and their wives who share a strong friendship, but the winds blow against the ships’ desires, as the three men are involved in a crime due to their betrayal of their wives, and despite their attempts to evade it, they can’t.

Several drama stars participate in the action championship, including Saad Mina, Rana Al-Abyad, Amer Ali, Amanat Wali, Dana Jabr, Jamal Al-Ali, Ola Pasha, Hamada Selim, Haider Ahmed, Ghassan Azab, the Lebanese star Alan Al-Zoubi, and others.

Number of episodes: 30 episodes

5. Ala Kaf al-Qadar/على كف القدر/ سرينادة

The Ramadan 2024 series includes various stories and anecdotes dealing with the subject of magic and sorcery, highlighting how some people turn to the occult and their belief in it when they find themselves in difficult and harsh circumstances.

Ala Kaf al-Qadar is starred by Abbas Al-Nouri, Salloum Haddad, Abdel Moneim Amairi, Shukran Murtaja, Wael Zidane, Yazan Al-Sayed, Jafra Younes and Nancy Khoury.

Number of episodes: 15 episodes

6. Al-Sadeqat Al-Qetat/ الصديقات- القطط

The Ramadan 2024 series revolves around the story of a woman who has great power and influence, as she works to employ women as dancers in order to establish relationships with influential people and those who have power in the country.

The Syrian series will follow the stories of these women, how life will take them and the paths they will take.

Cast of the Syrian work are Sabah Al-Jazairi, Suzan Najm Al-Din, Dima Al-Jundi, Rana Shamis, Nazli Al-Rawas, Safaa Sultan, Emarat Rizk, Fateh Salman, Muhammad Haddaki, Rana Risha, and Karam Al-Shaarani.

Number of episodes: still unknown

Ramadan 2024

7. Breaking Bones/كسر عضم – Season 2

Fans of Breaking Bones season one which was aired during Ramadan 2023, can’t wait to watch the second season of the series.

The story of the series “Breaking a Bone” revolves around the referee, Abu Rayyan, who was played by the artist Fayez Kazak, who exploited his son’s work in customs to facilitate his illegal work through illegal smuggling by corrupt customs men. He committed several crimes, including asking to pass a car containing money to a personal, when the car exploded, leading to the death of a Brigadier General and some soldiers.

The main characters of the series are Fayez Kazak, Hasan Khalil, Samer Ismail, Walaa Azzam, Yara, Karesse Bashar, and Nadine Tahseen Beck.

Number of episodes: 30 episodes

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