Putin: Western spies helped Ukraine stage ‘terror attacks’ in Russia

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday claimed that members of Western security services helped Kyiv stage “terror attacks” in Russia and Ukrainian territories annexed by Moscow.

Putin spoke at a meeting of the Kremlin’s security council dedicated to ensuring law and order in four Ukrainian territories he claimed to have annexed last year.

“There are grounds to assert that the potential of third countries, Western intelligence services is being used to stage sabotage and terrorist attacks,” Putin said without providing any evidence.

In apparent reference to Ukrainian authorities, Putin said that “neo-Nazis and their accomplices were acting” in Russia as well as the annexed Ukrainian territories including the regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.

He also warned that various criminal groups including drug traffickers were seeking to “take advantage” of the current situation.

He urged officials to act in a “tough and effective manner” against what he called “neo-Nazi and other radical groups.”

“Control over the situation must be reliably ensured,” he added.

He claimed that “an absolute majority of citizens in the new regions” favors ties with Russia.

“They must know, see and feel that our entire country is behind them, and we must do everything to protect them,” he said.

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