Pet dog shreds $4000 worth of cash all over the room

A Pennsylvania couple’s plans for home improvement took a bizarre turn when their beloved pet dog, Cecil, decided to make an expensive snack out of their cash. “It was shredded all over the room,” Carrie Law of Pittsburgh explained, describing the aftermath of Cecil’s accidental feast. 

The couple had taken out $4000 in cash to pay for a landscaping project and left it unattended on the kitchen counter for around 30 minutes.

To their surprise, Clayton, Law’s husband, discovered that Cecil had devoured and shredded the money. This behavior was highly unusual as Cecil, a 7-year-old Goldendoodle, had never done anything like that before. Law described him as a sweet, gentle giant with a goofy personality. The couple contacted their vet, who assured them that Cecil should be fine as long as he continued to behave normally.


While Cecil spent the day playing, napping, and watching TV with a belly full of thousands of dollars, Law contacted the bank to seek advice. Surprisingly, the bank was understanding and suggested that if the majority of the bills’ serial numbers were intact, they could be replaced. Law and her husband painstakingly taped together the shredded bills that were on the floor.

However, a wild overnight development occurred when Cecil vomited a substantial amount of money, mostly intact. The Laws decided to salvage what they could and meticulously cleaned and dried the bills. They also scavenged their yard for any bills Cecil had left behind, which turned into a comical scavenger hunt.


After three days of effort, the couple managed to recoup around $3500 from the bank. They received replacements for the taped-up bills but were left with a plastic baggie containing approximately $350 to $400 worth of bits and corners that were beyond saving. Law plans to frame a few of the bills as a memento of this inexplicable event.

Through it all, Cecil remained unharmed and oblivious to the chaos he had caused. The Laws expressed their amusement and shock, finding the situation too bizarre to be truly upset with their mischievous pet. Cecil continues to be his usual happy self, blissfully unaware of the monetary mayhem he unwittingly created.

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