Palestinian artist Ali Nasman was martyred in a bombing in Gaza

Palestinian press reports have confirmed the martyrdom of Palestinian artist Ali Nasman yesterday on Friday afternoon in an Israeli air strike on Gaza Strip, a day after he appeared in a video clip in which he spoke about “the inevitability of victory or martyrdom.”

Nasman appeared in a video on his official Instagram account under the title, “We will not show you any of us out of fear or panic. May God have mercy on those who rejoice in what God has bestowed upon them of His bounty.”

He also wrote a few hours ago on his official Facebook account: “Gaza strikes deep within the entity in Safed,” and “May God revive your men, Jenin.”

Palestinian celebrities who died in Gaza by Israel

Nasman monitored the streets of Gaza after the bombing, and said, “It is certain that people withdrew from them. This place was bombed continuously throughout the night and was completely destroyed. This is what God and His Messenger promised us, and our battle continues. The people of Gaza are in high spirits, and you can see on their faces the exhaustion due to fatigue staying up late and fearing for their children.”

Nasman continued to publish daily videos from under the bombing in Gaza, to convey to his followers and the world what is happening on the ground regarding the steadfastness of the people of Gaza despite the destruction, stressing, “The people of the Gaza Strip have their heads held high.”

A state of sadness prevailed after the news of Nesman’s martyrdom was announced, and his followers commented on the previous videos, saying, “May God have mercy on you, Ali. You were a media front for your situation,” and “May God have mercy on your soul. May God bear witness. We saw nothing but goodness from you and loved you,” and “Lord of glory, let us continue.” After you, Ali.”

Media personality Amani Juha said, “Ali Nisman wrote a tweet 7 hours ago and said, ‘We are still uniting. He (now) has become a martyr.’”

Who is Ali Nasman?

Nasman is a political activist, comedian, and Palestinian blogger. He participated in a number of Palestinian series, including “The Spirit” and “Heaven’s Gate.” He recently participated in the series “Badge of Victory Gilboa,” which told the story of the six prisoners who dug the tunnel and gained their freedom from Gilboa Prison in September 2021.

Ali Nasman was active on social media and monitored the Gaza Strip’s diaries since the resistance launched Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” last Saturday and the subsequent Israeli raids on Gaza.

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